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I became a photojournalist because I was interested in finding a way to capture the raw emotion and meaningful moments in everyday life without losing any of the realism and spontaneity that occurs when another person is present during those times. My non-intrusive style of photography allows the people I'm photographing to be themselves, producing photographs that look natural.

I graduated from Muhlenberg College with a BA in Art and English. After working for a small New Jersey newspaper for three years, I decided to go back to school to earn a Master of Science degree in photojournalism at Boston University. Upon completing my coursework, I took a job with Community Newspaper Company where I worked as a staff photographer for 15 years, doing weddings on my weekends.

After doing both newspaper work and weddings for a few years I decided to concentrate exclusively on wedding and portrait photography. I enjoy running, music and spending time with my family when Iím not out shooting. Iím lucky to have found work that allows me a creative outlet. I love my job and I think it shows in my photographs.

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